Apart from the obvious benefits to the hip pocket and taste buds of brewing at The Beer Factory, there are a number of other environmental benefits you may be less aware of.

As you know, water is one of our most valuable resources, and although 95% of beer is water, you will be pleased to know that at The Beer Factory, we are extremely conscious about reducing water waste. Some interesting facts:

  1. Beers brewed at The Beer Factory use considerably less water than those produced at a commercial brewery thanks to our use of mat extract. The reason for this is that the mashing process (where breweries traditionally convert the malted barley into wort) is highly water intensive. This process is done for us by a leading brewery in New Zealand (and they have heaps of water!) and as such our water usage is greatly reduced.
  2. The amount of waste water that is discharged from The Beer Factory is actually less than the water use of the average three-person household (Source: Sydney Water Annual Report 2004, Page 9).
  3. All water discharged from the beer factory is passed through dry waste baskets to catch as much particulate matter as possible.

Another major issue facing the environment is the amount of waste deposited into landfill. Despite comprehensive recycling programmes, only around 46% of glass is recycled in Australia (source: National Packaging Covenant 2008). Nationally, millions upon millions of beer bottles are purchased annually with a majority finding their way into landfill.

While recycling is good for the environment, re-use is even better. By re-using and refilling your bottles at The Beer Factory, as opposed to purchasing and discarding commercial beer bottles, you are significantly reducing your impact on the environment.