What does Brew-On-Premise mean?
We allow people to brew their own beer using our commercial grade facilities and ingredients.

How does it work?
You book a time, come in and choose and pay for your brew/bottles etc, then we will guide you through the brewing process. It takes about 1½ hours to complete, then you leave the beer with us for 2 – 4 weeks. During this time it ferments, we filter and carbonate it ready for you to come back and bottle it.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, you will need to call to ensure we have kettles available at the time you wish to visit. Simply contact us now to make an appointment.

I have no idea how to brew a beer – is it easy?
You will be amazed at how easy it is to brew incredible beers at The Beer Factory. We always have expert staff to help you through the process and our easy to follow instructions make it incredibly easy.

Can I sell the beer at my restaurant / bar?
Yes. We now hold a commercial brewing license; however the prices will vary to those listed in this website. Please contact us for further enquiries for commercial sales (available in kegs or bottles).

Do I need to refrigerate my beer when I get it home?
Yes. The reason our beers taste so incredible and fresh is that they are chemical and preservative free and are unpasteurised. This does mean however that you must keep it refrigerated.

Can I share my brew with someone else?
Absolutely. Bring your friends down – it is a lot of fun and if fridge space is limited, sharing your brew amongst friends makes it a lot easier.

Can I use my own bottles or kegs?
You can use your own bottles or kegs, however bottles must be clean (no mould or dirt inside) and we prefer not to fill screw top bottles as we cannot guarantee they will hold the carbonation.

Can children come along?
Of course, however we ask that you keep an eye on them whilst here as we have a lot of activity and certain areas of the brewery could be dangerous.

Are you set up to accommodate people in wheelchairs or with mobility difficulties?
Absolutely. Our premises are designed with easy access – and our staff are more then happy to help out wherever needed.