Gather a group of friends for an event perfectly designed for those with a love of beer! Enjoy a beer appreciation session where you’ll learn the history, different styles and how to truly taste and appreciate beer! At the end, each person will even receive a case of beer to take home and enjoy!

Looking for something truly unique and memorable that will appeal to anyone that enjoys their beer? Then gather your friends or colleagues for a group beer appreciation session that will ensure that you never view the humble beer the same way ever again!

At least 2 weeks prior to this session, we will need to be advised of the beer you would like to brew. During this time you may be required to provide someone to visit for at least one hour to brew your selected beer. At least one week prior to your session, we will need to receive artwork for your labels.

On the day of your beer appreciation session, your group will enjoy a private beer appreciation session in our beer tasting room where you will be shown the following:

  • The amazing history of beer
  • The basic brewing ingredients
  • Various styles of beer
  • The optimum quality of beer and
  • How to taste and appreciate beer

Following this, your group will have a tour of the brewery and learn in detail the brewing process. Afterwards, your group will be taken to your bottling table where your pre-brewed beer will be ready, icy cold, ready for tasting and bottling. At the end of the beer appreciation session, each group member will receive one carton of fresh, natural beer, with your own customised labels.

Of course we can organise catering for you, or feel free to use our BBQ free of charge!

The cost for a appreciation session is $88 per person with a minimum 6 people for a group.