Keg Systems

kegerator Kegerator
The ultimate home beer experience. Includes kegs and full CO2 bottle. Simply put your kegs inside, connect them and enjoy beautiful tap beer at home.

Special Price – $1650.00 (Visit the Beer Factory for current Specials)
kegsystem Keg System (3 Complete Kegs)
Everything you need to convert your existing beer fridge into a home keg system. Includes 3 kegs, beer and gas lines, tap, regulator, disconnects and clamps.
Cost – $885.00   (Single 50 Litre Keg System $668.00)
CO2Bottle CO2 Bottle
Save hiring charges and purchase your full CO2 bottle from us.
Cost – 6.0 Kg $320.00;  2.3Kg $220.00
You can also bring your empty CO2 bottle down and replace it for a full one.
Cost – 6.0 Kg $50.00; 2.3Kg $35.00
upgradekegerator 2 Tap Kegerator Upgrade
Upgrade your Kegerator to enjoy 2 different beers at once.
Cost – $95.00
kegcharger Picnic Keg Charger
Take your keg anywhere. Simply connect and pour.
Cost – $50.00
picnickegtap Picnic Keg Tap
Take your keg anywhere. Simply connect and pour.
Cost – $100.00
CO2Bulb CO2 Bulb
Replacement bulbs for your picnic tap charger.
Cost – $5.00
19LKeg 19 Litre Keg
NEW 19 litre kegs. (Second hand no longer available)
Cost – $158.00
driptray Drip Tray
Stainless steel with splash wall.
Cost – $95.00
fridgebeertap Fridge Door Beer Tap
Brumby style tap with shank for your fridge door.
Cost – POA
doubletapfront Tower Double Tap Front
Stainless steel double front tap for bar top.
Cost – POA
gasregulator Micromatic Gas Regulator
Cost – $148.00
gasdisconnect Gas, Liquid Disconnect
Cost – $19.50
beerline Beer Line
Flexmaster tubing (5×8).
Cost – $3.00 per metre
beerline Gas Line
Flexmaster tubing (6×10).
Cost – $3.00 per metre
tpiece Gas T-Piece
Connect 2 kegs to your CO2 bottle at once (ideal for double tap set ups).
Cost – $10.00
clamps Clamps
Oetiker 11.3mm clamps.
Cost – $1.00