Beer is a natural product and the beer that you brew at the Beer Factory has no added chemicals or preservatives. It is also unpasteurised to provide maximum flavour. For this reason, it is very important to look after your brew once you get it home. Properly cared for, your beer should retain its optimum flavour for five to six months. More complex beers (e.g. Stouts) will in fact improve in the bottle.

To help you look after your beer, we have pulled together The Beer Factory TLC Beer Guide to ensure maximum quality.


It is important to keep your beer refrigerated to below 8°C.

When yeast becomes active above this temperature it will start consuming remaining fermentable substances through a secondary fermentation.

Symptoms of beer warming for too long

  • Small white dots
  • Slight increase in cloudiness
  • In extreme cases, bottles blowing


Keep beer stored in a closed container, in a dark place, or in a fridge. Use darker coloured beer bottles where possible.

UV light will also damage your beer. This is the reason most beer is packaged in brown glass. Green also blocks most UV light, whilst clear glass offers no protection.

Symptoms of light struck beer – Off-smell or flavour (you won’t miss it!)


After finishing your beer, rinse the bottle and store inverted in a cool/dry place. Use a good bottle brush to clean them if in doubt.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness when it comes to beer. Our bottle sterilising table will not pressure clean your bottles, but will sanitise and rinse clean ones. Since The Beer Factory opened its doors, we have seen bottles return with cigarette butts, lemon slices, and varying degrees of mould build-up, amongst other interesting things.

Symptoms of using unclean bottles are mould growth or off flavours and aromas.