Step One
Arrive at your pre-booked time and choose and pay for your brew. You will be given a bottling date/time as well as your recipe sheet.

Step Two
Measure your ingredients as listed on your recipe sheet (Approx. 10min)

Step Three
With our staff, brew your beer in one of the kettles prepared for you. (Approx. 60min)

Step Four
Your beer will then be transferred to a fermenting vessel where you add the yeast. Your brewing is now complete and the brew is left with us for 2-4 weeks to ferment, filter and carbonate.

Step Five
Arrive on your bottling date/time and sterilise your bottles, fill them, cap them then take them home. (Approx. 45-60min). Your beer is cold and ready to drink immediately, and should be refrigerated when you get home.

Tip: This is also an ideal time to brew your next beer so it will be ready by the time this brew is finished.