A brew-on-premise microbrewery is where customers use commercial grade facilities, ingredients and expertise to brew their own beer.

Whilst people have been brewing beer for over 7,000 years, brew-on-premise has only recently emerged as an alternative to buying beer from a major brewery, or battling to brew your own at home.

The brew-on-premise concept originated in Canada where there are hundreds in operation. Australian beer drinkers have only recently been introduced to the opportunity this type of beer brewing offers.

Each brew makes approximately 50 litres of beer. This is equivalent to 6 cartons of beer (144 x 330ml bottles). Your beer is ready in two to four weeks from the day of brewing, depending on the style of beer. The team at The Beer Factory will ensure that your beer is conditioned and aged for the optimal period to enhance its flavour.

The many advantages of brew-on-premise beer brewing include:

  1. Beer choice: We have over 200 unique beers to choose from, with styles from all over the world.
  2. Beer quality: We use only the freshest and top quality brewing ingredients from around the world. Our beers are 100% chemical and preservative free.
  3. Beer freshness: When you pick up your brewed beer, it has usually been filtered only hours beforehand. You cannot buy beer that is fresher than that!
  4. Beer taste: The most common feedback we receive from our customers is how much they love the taste of the beers that they brew with us compared to what they are used to drinking. Discover for yourself how good a beer can really taste!
  5. Beer experience: You are involved in the brewing and bottling your very own brew. It is your beer – you brewed it! You can also have your very own customised labels printed including any photo, logo or design you like.
  6. Beer price: By brewing beer yourself you are paying considerably less than equivalent beers from the bottle shop. At a time when beer prices continue to increase, The Beer Factory system is able to provide a superior beer range, at a much lower price.
  7. Beer convenience: You won’t believe how easy it is to brew your own good beer. Our expert staff will guide you through the entire process. By brewing 50 litres at a time, you won’t need to stop in at the bottle shop every week.