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This will be the Ultimate day our for your Beer Loving loved one. They will enjoy a 2hr Beer Brewing session in a real Microbrewery and they can even bring a few mates at no extra cost!

They will select a beer from our recipes and then will be guided through the whole process by one of our expert brewers, from picking and measuring out the ingredients right through to pitching the yeast, they will go through the full process.

Once complete the beer will go into our fermentor to bubble away for 2 – 4weeks depending on the beer style, we will then filter and carbonate the beer in readiness for the bottling day. On the bottling day, they will bottle up 6 cases of their very own beer! All Bottles and caps are included in the price and these can be re-used for any future brews.

If they want to make the beer really stand out they can purchase custom labels for their brew for just $105.