Public Brew Nights

Public Brew Nights

Thursday Nights

Every Thursday Night we hand over the Brewery to the public so that you and your beer-loving friends can come in and brew your very own beer in a real brewery! Don’t worry, you don’t have to have any brewing experience, we have taken all the guesswork out of making your very own beer and our expert brewers will be by your side the whole way to guarantee you get the most perfect, freshest beer every time.

What's It Cost?

Cost of the brew ranges from $250 – $290 depending on the beer you choose, you can have up to 6 people in your brewing party at no extra cost, the bar will be open on the night so that you can sample some beer, so make sure that you choose a designated driver prior to arrival. After 2 – 4weeks your beer will be ready, you will have 50L of beer to take home, you can bring your own clean bottles or you can purchase your first batch on the bottling day for $95 (144 x 330ml bottles), these can be reused on subsequent brews. The brewing will take around 2 hours and bookings are essential (see bottom of this page for booking details)

4 Steps to your very own Beer!

Choose your Beer

Whether you like Lager, Pale Ale, Pilsner, or a Bock we have the beer for you!.

Click on your favorite beer type from the Public Brew Menu and you will get a list of all the beers we have in that category, we even list similar beers that you may have enjoyed before in our comparisons.

Brewing Day

The day has arrived where you will be brewing your very own beer in a real microbrewery.

Each brew is 50L which will give you 144 x 330ml bottles (6 cartons) so feel free to bring a few mates to share the experience and also the completed product. We will have a selection of beers on tap for you to sample so make sure you choose your designated driver prior to arriving. Our expert brewers will take you through measuring out your ingredients and also the brewing process, please allow 1.5hrs.

Fermentation / Filtering / Carbonation

Now that you have brewed your beer and added the magical yeast you will leave your wonderful creation with us for anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks depending on the style of beer.

Your brew will be moved to our temperature-controlled fermenting room where it will remain for 10 days, this is the fermentation stage where the temperature will be perfect for the yeast to do its magic. After the fermentation process, your brew will be moved to our cool room for anywhere between 4 – 18days depending on the type and style of beer, this is where it will grow all its flavor and body characteristics. The final process is the Filtering and Carbonation, the day before your bottling or keg pickup date we will triple cold filter your beer and carbonate it.

Bottling Day / Keg pick up

All the hard work is over, it is finally time to taste your personally brewed beer

If you are lucky enough to have beer on tap at home you will simply pick up your keg(s). For the bottlers this is when you will want to bring your mates, you can bring your own clean bottles and we will sterilize them firstly or you can purchase a full set of bottles from us for $95, you can then reuse these for your next brew. A bottling bench will be reserved for you and your beer tapped to the wall ready for filling and a bottle capper and caps will be provider, our staff will show you how to use all the equipment, you will be an expert in no time.

Ready to Book?

Bookings are essential, brewing day arrival times are every 30mins from 4.30pm – 7.30pm, bottling bookings will be made on the brewing day. To book please Click Here and let us know the date and preferred arrival time or you can book by calling (02) 4628 2337 during business hours

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